About us


Provide a single site for all organizations wishing to offer advisory services to agricultural producers and young farmers.

Provide a forum to advisors and agricultural experts who can act as resources and make their expertise available to all Quebec businesses, while facilitating networking among professionals.

Intended for agricultural advisors, producers and processors, as well as agriculture, agri-food and agroforestry professionals, the CRAAQ Directories are reference tools that group together all advisory services offered to businesses and stakeholders in the sector.

More specifically

  • The Directory of Advisory Services and the Directory for Young Farmer sites for organizations interested in offering advisory services to producers and young farmers. Organizations can post their service offers and contact information on the Web site. After validation by the site administrators, the organizations are listed free of charge in the directory, which is accessible to everyone.
  • The Directory of experts is intended for agricultural advisors in order to more easily identify experts that can act as resources in one or more areas of expertise. This directory is accessible to agricultural advisors whose organizations are duly registered in the two advisory services directories.
  • The Quebec Directory of Agroforestry Experts and Professionals is intended to facilitate the development of agroforestry in Quebec by promoting networking, knowledge transfer, exchanges and communication. This directory is accessible to everyone.


  • Facilitate access to advisory services and expert and professional resources.
  • Facilitate and stimulate networking.


  • Offering a data entry plateform to organizations and individuals offering services and expertise.
  • Offering a user-friendly, up-to-date platform to research platform to producers and advisors seaking resources in the agricultural and agroforestry sector. Users can target the advisory services providers or resources that best meet their needs.

Main Clientele

Depending on the directory :
  • Producers;
  • Agricultural advisors;
  • Processors; and
  • All agriculture, agri-food and agroforestry professionals.

Directories management

  • The main site and all directories are a CRAAQ initiative.
  • Le CRAAQ gère et administre le site (et chacun des répertoires).
  • Registration is voluntary. Registered businesses, professional and experts are wholly responsible for the data they enter.


The first phase of this service was made possible through the contribution of the Initiative d’appui aux conseillers agricoles program, under Growing Forward.

The project subsequently received funding through the PADEA axe 4 program, which enabled the complete rebuilding and upgrade of the site and directories.

A new directory was added: the Quebec Directory of Agroforestry Experts and Professionals, an initiative of the Agroforestry comity of the CRAAQ and funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Fondation de la faune du Québec and the Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ).