The CRAAQ directories

There are four directories under the “CRAAQ directories” header:

  • Directory of Advisory Services: lists organizations that provide advisory services to agricultural businesses
  • Directory for Young farmers: advisory services specialized in farm business establishment and succession
  • Directory of Experts: lists resource experts for agricultural advisors
  • Quebec Directory of Agroforestry Experts and Professionals

The directories can be used two ways:

  • Read (search) mode, for users looking for a service organization, an advisor, a resource, an expert or a professional; and
  • Registration mode, for organizations or individuals wishing to register their services.

Read (search) module

  • The search engine retrieves from the database the records of organizations or professionals according to the search criteria you select.
  • Data is searched according to selected criteria combined using the “or” function.
  • Results first display as a summary list. When you click on an item in the list, you are brought to a page displaying the details of that particular record.
  • For further details on the selection criteria, search results display and sorting, see the help page for each directory.

Registration (data entry) module

If you wish to register yourself or your organization in a directory, go to that directory’s Login/Registration page.

First, you need to create your account. Once this is done, you are automatically directed to the authentication page. Even though you will have arrived at this page from the particular directory you selected to register in, your account and identification data will be valid for all CRAAQ directories.
Next, depending on the directory in which you registered, you will need to enter the following:

  • Information on your organization (advisory or young farmers services) or relative to your field of expertise (resource or agroforestry); and
  • Information specifically required for the directory in question.

The help page for each directory provides detailed explanations on how to enter the required data and the specifics of the directory in question.